Are you looking for a fun way to train, communicate and live with your dog?
Do you want a life long relationship with your dog that is based on trust and love?

Well, then you are at the right place. The way I train is for you, your dog and the whole family too enjoy. I encourage the whole family to participate! Anyone at any age can train this way, young or old.

My job is to teach you and your family how to become a great dog trainer and owner. My way of training is the most up to date and advanced training out there. It is a very clear way of communicating with your dog and it will build a relationship of trust between you and your dog, a sense of security, a special bond and a love for life. Dogs love it and can't wait for their next training session. You will also be amazed at how fast they will learn!

It is important to get your training started as early as possible but it is never to late to start at any time or age. "No dogs are too old to learn new tricks!"
I have many options of training, private lessons or different types of training methods, what ever fits your life style.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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West Los Angeles, California


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